Enterprise Security Management

Internet technology has changed not only the way organizations do business, but also the way they approach network security. The dynamic nature of today’s corporate networks means that they are no longer defined by physical boundaries, but instead by enterprise-wide security policies. To be effective, these policies must include a broad range of security services that govern access to network resources, while protecting these same resources from both internal and external threats.

A complete enterprise security solution must provide the ability to:

  • Grant selective network access to authorized remote and corporate users
  • Authenticate network users with strong authentication techniques before granting access to sensitive corporate data
  • Ensure the privacy and integrity of communications over untrusted, public networks like the Internet
  • Provide content security at the gateway to screen malicious content, such as viruses and malevolent Java/ActiveX applets
  • Detect network attacks and misuse in real time and respond automatically to defeat an attack
  • Protect internal network addressing schemes and conserve IP addresses
  • Ensure high availability to network resources and applications
  • Deliver detailed logging and accounting information on all communication attempts

With its Enterprise Security Management product family, Check Point Software Technologies offers a comprehensive set of solutions that meet these demanding requirements. Check Point’s FireWall-1/VPN-1 security suites enable all functionality to be deployed and managed with a single enterprise-wide security policy for straightforward management and administration.

Enterprise security solutions are unified by Check Point's OPSEC [Open Platform for Secure Enterprise Connectivity] policy management framework which provides central integration, configuration and management for Check Point products as well as other third-party security applications. Only Check Point provides organizations with the ability to define a single, integrated security policy that can be distributed across multiple gateways and managed remotely from anywhere on the enterprise network. There is never any need to individually reconfigure each security gateway.

All of Check Point’s security solutions are built on Stateful Inspection, the de facto standard for network security that was invented and patented by Check Point. Stateful Inspection provides full application-layer awareness without requiring a separate proxy for every Internet service and protocol. This provides unparalleled performance, scalability, and the ability to support new and custom applications and services quickly and easily.


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