Cycle CPU and motherboard upgrades

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Cycle UltraSPARC IIi upgrades for Sun SPARCstation 5 & 20


UP 520-IIi UG 64     270MHz   300MHz   333MHz    360MHz

UP 520-IIi UG 128

UP 520-IIi UG 256

UP 520-IIi UG 512

Cycle UltraSPARC IIi upgrades for Sun UltraSPARC 1 Systems

UP-1-IIi-UG64       270MHz   300MHz    333MHz     360MHz 




CPU module only

Cycle UltraSPARC upgrades for Sun SPARCstation 5, 20, and 10 

 Look for $avings on  surplus and/or re-furbished Sun Storage Products, Servers, and Workstations!

Cycle UP-5 (SS4 & SS5)  167MHz   200MHz   250MHz   300MHz    360MHz   400/2MHz

Cycle UP-20 (SS20)

Cycle UP-10 (SS10)

UltraSPARC Module

Cycle upgrades are also available for SS1,1+, 2, 3/80, IPX, IPC, Classic and LX, IP, and CLX

Initial production is limited so call today.

It's new and it's going to be hot, hot!

CycleQuad: Ultra 2, PCI based Upgrade Board

Upgrade Sun Ultra 2 systems to Quad processing performance!

Based on Sun's Ultra 2 UPA module technology. CycleQuad is identical to the Sun Ultra 2 model in footprint size. CycleQuads modular design protects your investment by providing support for 167, 200, 250, 360, 400, or 450MHz, single, dual, triple, or quad processors. CycleQuad supports up to 3GB of memory (12 x 256 MB SIMMs). Upgrade to more performance by adding or swapping CPU module(s). No change to application software or other hardware is necessary.

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