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The proliferation of Internet computing has made the task of protecting networks more complicated than ever before.  Firewalls and other gateway protection systems provide excellent protection against unwanted or dangerous connections, but inherently provide no security against hostile contents.
FireWalls Are Not Enough

Since corporate networks are no longer limited to their physical boundaries, organizations now rely on firewalls to implement security policies on their Internet gateways.  Firewalls are tremendous tools to protect networks through controlling connections.  However, traditional firewalls do not inherently provide any mechanisms to prevent viruses or vandals from entering the network.  As enterprises take advantage of Internet connectivity, they open the door to viruses, vandals, and other threats which costs businesses billions in lost productivity and lost data.

eSafe Protect Gateway

eSafe Protect Gateway's revolutionary architecture transparently add the optimal level of protection with the least administrative cost.  This unique product is the defacto standard for gateway content security for many reasons.  It is transparent to users and does not require installation of client software on each workstation, nor does it require hardware modifications.  For maximum protection, it does not allow users to bypass the scanning.  It will block viruses and vandals in one step, without relying on digital signatures or checking URLs.  It is fully integrated with the firewall's security policies and reporting capabilities, but does not degrade the throughput of not-infectable files.

eSafe Protect Gateways is a powerful anti-virus and anti-vandal gateway which provides full content security protection for any connection established through many brands of firewalls.  eSafe Protect Gateway was the first anti-virus for firewalls, and is the only firewall-integrated anti-virus product to include scanning for vandal Java and ActiveX.  It scans and cleans data passing through SMTP, HTTP, and FTP connections.  After eSafe Protect Gateway is installed, the firewall passes any infectable file (including Java and ActiveX objects) to eSafe Protect Gateway for immediate inspection.  Simultaneously, all files which are non-infectable, such as graphics and plain text, are sent to their appropriate destination without delay.

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