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InstaGate EX2™ is a bulletproof firewall with virtual private networking that solves the Internet security demands of today's small-to-medium enterprises (SME). With a sleek chassis the size of a laptop, InstaGate EX2 sets the benchmark for firewall functionality, usability, and value.

Designed to support 2 to 250 users, InstaGate EX2 is easy to install, virtually maintenance free, extremely reliable, and is backed by world-class technical support.

What really sets InstaGate EX2 apart is its extensible design. Engineered with the future in mind, InstaGate EX2 not only meets the immediate firewall and VPN needs of SMEs, but allows end-users to instantly enable value-added subscription tools and services. Either way, InstaGate EX2 grows with your customers, expanding from 2 to 250 users with no boxes to swap or no technology to discard.

The value-added subscription tools and services - called SoftPaks - are delivered via a revolutionary software distribution process managed entirely over the Internet. SoftPaks such as anti-virus protection, Web filtering, groupware, and more can be instantly enabled with the click of a mouse, forever eliminating the hassle of installing, evaluating and maintaining server software.

Pricing: Starting under $1000 (USD)
InstaGate EX2 Technical Features


Transparent HTTP Proxy Server/Cache
User Authentication and Access Control
Network Address Translation (NAT)
Stateful Inspection Packet Filtering
VPN Forwarding
Prevents spoofing, scanning, and denial of service attacks
Management and Usability

Web Browser Management (Netscape 4.7+ or I.E. 5.0+)
User Account Management
On-Line Software Updates
On-Line Subscription Management
5 Step Setup Wizard
Client CD (includes browser software)
25 User License (upgradeable to 50, 100, 250)
LCD and keypad
Remote User VPN & Remote Office VPN

Point to Point Tunneling Protocol
MPPE (40 & 128 bit)
IKE & Manual Key Management
3 DES Encryption
ESP Tunnel Mode
MD5 & SHA Authentication
Network Management

DNS Forwarding
DHCP Server
DHCP Client
PPPoE Client
Print Server

Microsoft Windows Print Sharing (SMB)
File Server

Microsoft Windows File Sharing (SMB)
Public and Private Folders
Per User Disk Quotas
Mail Server

SMTP (mirrored, multi-drop, mailbagging, & enhanced SMTP)
LDAP Address Directory
Aliasing and Forwarding
Distribution Lists
Vacation Auto-Replies
Intranet Web Server

Intranet and personal pages
FTP and SMB publishing
Microsoft FrontPage® Extensions
InstaGate EX2 Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

1U height - 1.7" x 11.5" x 9.25" / 4.3 x 29 x 23 cm
5 lbs / 2.3 kg
100-240V AC, 47-63Hz, 60W supply
566MHz Intel® processor
10.2 GB HDD
Dual Ethernet ports (10/100 Mbps)
DMZ Ethernet port (optional)
LCD and keypad
9 status LEDs
1 LPT port
2 DB-9 RS-232 serial ports
56K v.90 Modem (optional)
EuroISDN adapter
Safety &: Reliability

Operating Environment: -10C to +45C, 5-95% R.H.
Storage Environment: -40C to +70C, 0-95% R.H.
MTBF: >50,000 POH
MTTR: <30 Minutes
Uptime: >99.999%
Agency Marks: FCC Part 15 Class B, UL (U.S. & Canada)
Units manufactured in an ISO-9002 approved facility
Features and Benefits:


The InstaGate EX2 firewall keeps hackers out of an end-user's LAN while the VPN allows authorized users in. With a transparent HTTP proxy server, stateful inspection and packet filtering firewall technology, InstaGate EX2 prevents unauthorized network entry and denial of service attacks. The integrated VPN eliminates leased and dial-up line costs making it possible for telecommuters and branch offices to connect to a corporate LAN securely and inexpensively.

Hassle Free Installation with Minimum Maintenance.

InstaGate EX2 requires only five easy steps for complete set up, and in most instances, it is operational in less than 30 minutes. It supports most broadband or narrowband Internet connections. And all set-up and management is done through a simple Web-browser interface. Most importantly, once installed, it is virtually maintenance free.

Unbeatable Value.

InstaGate EX2 costs the same as many single-function firewalls. Unlike the competition, InstaGate EX2 comes standard with remote user (PPTP) and remote office (IPsec) VPN, and includes valuable LAN tools such as email, file, and print servers. And because of the extensible architecture, end-users only pay for the services they want as needed.


Engineered with the future in mind, InstaGate EX2 is not a throwaway firewall like others in its price range. As end-users¹ needs grow and become more sophisticated, InstaGate EX2 readily accommodates, delivering value-added tools and services, and user license upgrades without costly, aggravating hardware swap-outs.
About SoftPaks™

Designed for use with the InstaGate™ family of Internet security appliances, SoftPaks are the business applications and services that can be instantly enabled via SoftPak Director™ ­ eSoft¹s patent-pending software distribution and management process.

SoftPaks revolutionize the installation, evaluation and maintenance of server software, and can be installed with the click of a mouse.

Current SoftPaks

Anti-Virus - virus protection
Firewall Policy Manager - firewall enhancement
Internet Server - Web, FTP, DNS servers
Modem Communications - RAS/Failover
SiteFilter - web content filtering
SmartReports - extended reporting capabilities


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