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As the most comprehensive  CD- Recording software package for professionals, GEAR for UNIX  incorporates the latest CD-Recordable technology for Imaging, Mission  Critical Archiving, CAD/CAM and Graphics Storage, Title Development, and  Pre-master Testing. GEAR allows you easily and cost effectively store  text, large data sets, software, database, audio/video files and back-up  information on compact disc with full control over the formatting and  mastering process.

GEAR generates on all major industry formats  including RockRidge and operates on all recorders. And it's designed for  easy installation and use.


GEAR for UNIX provides  the fastest virtual formatting speeds and includes support up to ISO Level  3 along with complete RockRidge extension and mapping support to 8.3 file  names for cross platform readability. Features such as post gap writing on  all recorders, universal multi session and incremental writing, full error  code handling and device testing, and full verification of formatted data  earn GEAR the highest marks in data integrity and readability.

GEAR incorporates fast data transfer rates and handles large  numbers of files used in applications such as routine Back-up, Imaging,  HSM and COLD. And with enhanced caching and memory use, data transfer  rates on even the fastest drivers are optimized.


GEAR allows you to master  virtually any CD-ROM format. Formatting engines include DA,XA,XA,  interleaving , CD enhanced and Mixed mode. In addition, users have the  ability to master any professional multimedia authored file such as MPEG,  CD-I, Video-CD, And Game Formats.

In addition to detailed volume  descriptor editing, the advanced user defined disk
properties can be  edited to cut virtually any multimedia CD format. GEAR is continually  adding new CD formatting engines and advanced features including future  support for Video CD 2.0, PQ and audio index editing support.


Besides desktop  CD-Recorders, GEAR supports multi platter systems such as Pioneer, Kodak,  ASM and others. Unattended mastering for multiple copy replication and  integration with third party multi platter file systems allow data storage  professionals to use GEAR in networked, multi-user, and data retrieval  environments.


With 10 years experience  in developing professional pre-mastering and mastering software, GEAR  continually sets the standard by being the first to support new formatting  standards, recorders and functionality. GEAR is the CD-R software of  choice for OEMs, data storage professionals, multimedia developers and  service bureaus.

In fact, GEAR was the first to support virtual  formatting, XA interleaving, and DDP Premaster output. And it was the only  Orange Book Multi-Session product with cross platform capabilities.

Looking for a CD-R software solution that will meet your demanding  data storage and title development needs? Look to GEAR the CD-R solution  you can trust.


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