HA for Solaris

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HATS HA for Solaris  2.x


Sun Solaris 2.x


H.A.  maintains all SPARC, Solaris and applications features.

Servers  do not need to be the same model or configuration.

H.A.  supports all RDBMS systems and stateless applications.

Fast  detection of fault conditions within 2 seconds.

Fast  failover and applications recovery time of 4 to 120 seconds.

Flexible server configuration user can select any number of active servers  and choose to failover to a standby or an active server.

Servers either in active or standby mode can be running  applications.

Failover to an active server or a standby server does not require  rebooting.

Clients reconnect to standby server or alternate active server  automatically after failover.

H.A.  has a GUI status display for quick identification of server status and  applications status.

H.A.  has point and click administration tools.

Detailed status and history windows are available for troubleshooting or  detailed status monitoring.

ONS  (On-Line Network Suite) provides for redundant network configurations  within a server. Should a network failure occur, H.A. can reroute traffic  within the server instead of triggering a failover to an alternate  server.

GDT  (Geni Dialing Tool) is the automatic phone or pager notification system  that is triggered when a failure event takes place.

API  (Applications Process Interface) is our programmable interface which  enables the user to write a program to monitor the health of the  applications and trigger a failover if an application is  corrupted.

H.A. Technical Solutions is now offering the  High Availability software family for SUN OS, Solaris 1.X and 2.X  operating systems. This low cost, efficient and flexible solution for  client/server and Internet applications is a combination of advanced state  of the art hardware, software fault detection, heartbeat monitoring  technology and leading edge expertise in high-availability requirements. H.A. transparently monitors the health of all servers  sharing the same disk subsystem to alleviate disruptions and service  availability issues.

H.A.'s powerful and easy to use monitoring system can  detect a failure in the server hardware or applications software, kickoff  recovery and restart multiple failed services. This capability is ideal  for telecommunication and other mission critical applications companies  requiring high uptime on their internal or external  servers.

SUN  server or SUN workstations
Operating System: SUN OS, Solaris 1.X  or 2.X
System Memory: 8 MB
Internal Disk Storage: 1.5  MB for H.A.
External Disk Storage: One or more shared disks or  disk arrays with one of the following interfaces: SCSI I/II, IPI, Fiber  Channel, Ultra SCSI Fast Wide Differential.
Network: One or more  per system of the following in any combination:
Ethernet, Token Ring,  Fiber Channel, FDDI or UTP.

Any stateless applications

For other operating system support or for API contract  development, please contact us.



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