Hierarchical Storage Management

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Network Automated Storage Management Tools

HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management)


A software tool that provides heterogeneous computing environments with the ability to construct a self-managing repository of potentially infinite depth, without modifying applications, or user interface. All data in the repository appears on-line to the user, whether it is stored on-line, near-line, or off-line. The HSM software automatically places the the data on the media level that provides the optimal cost/performance ratio for that data. Frequently accessed files are kept at or near the on-line level, least frequently (often never) accessed files are pushed out to the lowest level. When a file is accessed, it migrates upward, automatically, to the highest level, and remains there until it falls into disuse. After a calculated time, it goes through the automatic migration process until it reaches the optimal cost/performance level. The bi-directional process is completely transparent to users. Additionally, the basic HSM Software Package has an automated self backup to tape.

HIARC HSM is "plug and play" out of the package, with an intuitive "point and click" HSM GUI.

COB (Continuous On-line Backup)
A software package that allows a system administrator to specify workstation, or server files, directories, or partitions to be augmented with a live twin. COB software contains a server module mounted on the same platform as HIARC HSM, and a number of client modules located on workstations and or servers in a network that have critical data that requires the ultimate in security and availability. The client modules maintain a current picture of files under their responsibility at all times. The server module scans the client modules for changed files and maintains an up to date mirror of the client datafor use directly , or as a restore source by the client. Data lost between normal enterprise backups can be eliminated, negating the need for traditional methodologies. In any case, the server maintains an automatically backed up archive of client data at all times. COB is programmable for the number of mirrors to maintain, frequency of individual client or file monitoring, archive destination, and other user critical parameters.

  • Runs on Solaris and Linux (SPARC and Intel)
  • Replicates data from Unix and Windows clients
  • Requires no other vendor supplied client software
  • Balances network traffic loads
  • Complements existing corporate disk to tape backup procedures
  • Extends the corporate disk to tape backup window
  • Maintains archived copies of a clients replicated data
  • Supports on and/or off site data storage requirements
  • Tier COB to match multi-building and/or campus network topologies
  • Quicker file recovery
  • Files are restored in the clients native file format
  • COB is a task driven not batch driven program

Jukebox Driver
An inexpensive utility for controlling jukeboxes and tape libraries. Now you can use a robotics handler for tape and optical disk devices that will operate with your script files and command line instructions. The driver allows you to take advantage of random access SCSI robotic devices at a reduced cost.


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