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High Availability

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High availability firewall teamed with an industry leader

Tailored to provide high availability and reliability for UNIX & Windows NT platform. Functionality to secure even the most mission critical operating environments.

  Switch over to a secondary server, without rebooting.

Uninterrupted business communication means uninterrupted user productivity.

The most favored solution deployed by Banks and Financial Institutions, Teleoperators, Internet Service Providers and Major Industrial Corporations.

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 The High Availability, Highly Reliable Solution for

 DMI now offers a high availability solution  that provides a very high connectivity, maintains connections even through primary system failure and is transparent to network users.

 Integrated HA software enables automatic switch over if the primary system fails and manual switch over for maintenance operations. DMI's Integrated HA teams with an industry leading firewall software.

The Internet firewall is usually the single entry point to the Internet and thus, it is the single point of failure for network connectivity. In cases where business critical applications run through the firewall, there is a need for a high availability solution that ensures continuous connection to the Internet.

Continuous Internet Connection

Organizations increasingly utilize WEB-technology for commercial business transactions and thus they will find continuous Internet connection a very critical part of business operations. This leads often to situations when even maintenance outages can not be tolerated.

DMI's Integrated HA protects the firewall system against single point hardware failure and assists to carry out maintenance of firewall software and hardware during normal business hours without interrupting firewall operation.

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DMI's Integrated HA Components

DMI Integrated HA solution includes two identical gateways, utilizing SPARCplug (An AIM 1997 Hot Iron award system for the most powerful SPARC based computing power per cubic inch) as a primary and secondary and a management workstation. Gateways run the FireWall module and DMI Integrated HA module. The primary gateway is normally active and the secondary is in hot standby sharing state tables and running a testing subsystem which tests continuously the functionality of the primary firewall.

DMI Integrated HA Switch Over

During the switch over procedure, the secondary firewall reconfigures its network interfaces by using exactly the same IP and MAC addresses that the primary firewall had. The secondary firewall will try to shut down or power off the primary firewall if the connection to the primary firewall still exists.

Manually switching the secondary firewall to on-line status is an additional control feature of the DMI Integrated HA control module.

All connections, which are filtered through the FireWall  Inspection technology, are preserved in switch over is the state table sharing between firewalls is activated. User will see only a delay of a few seconds. .

Manual Switch Over feature allows performing maintenance and upgrade tasks without interrupting the FireWall connectivity. Operator can manually set either machine off-line and carry out maintenance operations and testing.

Some key features of the DMI High Availability solution


Switch over is transparent to other IP devices and there is no need for special routing arrangements.

Connections will survive through switch over.

Switch over is managed completely by the DMI system.

Recovery delay is less than 10 seconds if the switch over is caused by a failure and almost unnoticeable when it is manually controlled.

There is no need for shared devices, such as disks or RAIDs.

There is no penalty for firewall throughput.

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System Requirements

Two identical gateway workstations with minimum of 32 MB memory and minimum of three (3) Ethernet adapters.

A control workstation is recommended. Same control workstation is used for Firewall.

Currently Integrated HA is available for Windows NT and SUN Solaris 2.4 or higher and HP-UX 10.x or higher.

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