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Ross hyperSPARC CPU Upgrades

512KB Upgrades

  • RT200QW-200/512   Quad CPU @200MHz with 512KB cache
  • RT200DW-200/512    Dual CPU @200MHz with 512KB cache
  • RT200TA-200/512      Twin CPU @200MHz with 512KB cache
  • RT200SA-200/512      Single CPU @200MHz w/512KB cache
  • RTx00TA-180/512      Twin CPU @180MHz w/512KB cache
  • RTx00SA-180/512      Single CPU @ 180MHz w/512KB cache
  • RTx00TA-150/512       Twin CPU @150MHz w/512KB cache
  • RTx00SA-150/512       Single CPU @ 150 MHz w/512KB cache
  • RTx00QA-125/512      Quad CPU @ 125MHz w/512KB cache
  • RTx00DA-125/512      Dual CPU @ 125MHz w/512KB cache
  • RTxooSA-125/512       Single CPU @125MHz w/512KB cache      

Improvement over SS10/20 range from 330% to 1515%


1MB Upgrades

  • RT142DW-142/1024  Dual CPU @142MHz with 1024KB cache
  • RTx00TA-142/1024    Twin CPU @ 142MHz with 1024KB cache
  • RTx00SA-142/1024    Single  CPU @142MHz with 1024KB cache
  • RTx00DA-125/1024    Dual CPU @ 125MHz with 1024KB cache
  • RTx00SA-125/1024     Single CPU @ 125MHz with 1024KB cache

Improvement over SS10/20 range from 340-782%

 Look for $avings on  surplus and/or re-furbished Sun Storage Products, Servers, and Workstations!

256KB Upgrades

  • RTx00QA-125/256   Quad CPU @125MHz with 256KB cache
  • RTx00DA-125/256    Dual CPU @125MHz with 256KB cache
  • RTx00SA-125/256     Single CPU @125MHz with 256KB cache

Upgrades begin at  under $1,000.00!

Promotion pricing! Offer ends when current inventory is gone!

hyperSPARC CPU upgrade modules:
Single 125MHz 256KB cache  $853.00
Dual 125MHz 256KB cache  $1,700.00
Single 125MHz 512KB cache $1,198.00
Single 125MHz 1024KB cache $1,690.00
Dual 125MHz 1024KB cache $3,190.00
Single 142MHz 1024KB cache $1,790.00

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