Fibre Channel JBOD

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  • Entry Level Fibre Channel JBOD solution within a single enclosure.
  • Choice of 9 GB, 18 GB or 36 GB, - 9 GB to 108 GB of storage.
  • Perfect Solution for today's high demand Digital Audio and Video
  • applications, and day-to-day Data Storage needs.

FibreBox™ offers an Entry Level Fibre Channel JBOD  solution within a single enclosure, with your choice of 9, 18 or 36GB hard  drives.

This solution enables you to take advantage of the RAID software  Features native to most operating systems. This is the perfect solution  for today's high demand digital audio and video applications, as well as  day to day data storage needs.

You can take advantage of increased  storage capacity by striping multiple disk drives together, or get data  redundancy by utilizing mirroring or RAID level 5. You also gain the high  performance of Fibre Channel, with burst data transfer rates of up to 100  Mb/sec. and a sustained transfer rate of up to 75 Mb/Sec.

 Installation is a snap with the ease of Plug and Play.

The  enclosure can accommodate from 1 to 5 drives for future upgrades. Storage  Capacity 9 to 108 GB.

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