Ultra 250+fusion

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 MP250+fusion specifications

Performance1 x 300  2 x 300  1 x 360  2 x 360  1 x 400  2 x 400  1x450  2x450 

SPECint_95       13.0     13.0     15.2     15.2      17.7     17.7   

SPECfp_95        18.3     23.5     21.3     27.3      23.5     29.5   

L2 Cache         2MB      2MB/each 4MB      4MB/each  2MB      2MB/each  4MB/ea

Note: System can utilize L2 Cache up to 2MB  and UPA bus speed up to 100Mhz.


Redundant and Hot-Swap Power Supply; two 400W units   

AC power:100-120;220-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz.

Dimensions:  6U/19" Rack-Mount   Height   265mm    Width    480mm   Depth    732mm   

Desk-Side           Height   480mm                        Width    265mm                        Depth    732mm

*Specification subject to change without notice.

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ProcessorArchitecture     Up to two UltraSPARC II CPUs,

Superscalar Sparc V9 Compliant. Implements VIS Instruction Set  

Main Memory: 16 SIMM slots, 60ns 200-pin ECC Memory Module, 5 volts    2GB maximum   

Note: Install SIMMs in fours

Standard Interfaces

Expansion bus:  Two 32-bit PCI slots, full-size, 33MHz, 5 volts                    

                        Two 64-bit PCI slots, full-size, 66Mhz, 5 volts   

Graphics slot:    One UPA graphics slot                             

SCSI I/O: Ultra-Wide-SCSI, 40MB/sec   

Network: Ethernet/Fast Ethernet,Twisted pair standard (10-BaseT and 100-BaseT),self-sensing   

Serial: Two D-Sub 25-pin connector,synchronous   

Parallel: One D-Sub 25-pin connector, IEEE1294(bi-directional)   

Keyboard & Mouse Sun Type 5    

Audio I/O       

PCI card(option)

Drive Bay: Front    2*5.25";  1*3.5"    Hot Swap Disk Bay  6 * Lockable and Removable    

Graphics and Imaging

ATI Graphics with 2MB RAM PCI card(standard)                    




Elite-3D m3(option)

Software: Operating system: Solaris 2.6 or higher

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