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NetServer« 2000


Server-specific features built into

 the core design

Single, Dual, or Quad Processing Power

IntelTM Quality & Reliability

Supports Windows NT, Novell

Netware & UnixWare

Ideal Small/Medium Workgroup or Firewall Server

Specifically Designed and Tested for the Server Environment

The new NetServer« 2000 with IntelTM 82440BX server chipset is unmatched for reliability, manageability and expandability through a unique combination of server-specific features built into its core design. It supports the dual-processing power of 350- and 400-MHz Pentium« II

 processors, optimized for the 100-MHz system bus and the 266-, 300-, and 333-MHz Pentium II processors, optimized for the 66-MHz system bus. It supports up to 1 Gbyte of 100-MHz SDRAM DIMM memory.

With Intel's new Emergency Management Port and Intel« LANDesk« Server Manager software, the NetServer« 2000 provides remote server access for quick troubleshooting, repair and real-time server management. The NetServer 2000's Intel N440BX server board is extensively tested and validated for server environments and includes a CD-ROM with drivers, documentation, server management software and diagnostic utilities. The combination of these unique server features provides you with reliable, manageable and expandable server solutions to meet your customers' demanding business needs.

The Power of the Pentium« II Processor Inside

Servers built around the Intel Pentium II processor provide users with a strong competitive position. New Pentium II processors running at 350 MHz or 400 MHz are Intel's fastest processors on the market today. Intel's 100-MHz system bus delivers even greater throughput on memory and L2 cache access. For enhanced flexibility and expandability, the N440BX server board allows configuration of servers with one or two Pentium II processors.

Lower Ownership Costs

The NetServer« 2000 lowers server ownership costs. A wealth of management features let customers anticipate problems before they become catastrophic. For example, Intel's new Emergency Management Port (EMP) provides remote access through a modem. Service technicians can now remotely observe critical-event logs and reset or power cycle the NetServer« 2000 system. The IntelTM N440BX server board incorporates a powerful on-board management controller and includes Intel LANDesk Server Manager software. These two features allow monitoring and controlling server temperatures and voltages, chassis security, baseboard inventory and other hardware systems.

Intel Quality and Reliability

Servers based on Intel server boards are running mission-critical applications, databases and 24 x 7 Web sites for businesses of all sizes. Downtime is not an option in most businesses-and, with genuine Intel server boards, downtime is not an issue. Best of all, support is just a phone call or Web site visit away.

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NetServer« 2000 Server Board



 350 or 400-MHz Pentium II processor with

 100 MHz system bus: 512 KB Integrated L2 cache: Single or Dual processing

 333-MHz Pentium II processor with 6

 6-MHz system bus; 512 KB integrated L2 cache:

 Single, Dual, or Quad processing.

Intel Chipset

 Intel 440BX Chipset

 Intel 82440BX

 Intel PIIX4

System Memory

Memory Capacity

 4 DIMM sockets for PC/100 100-MHz

 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM)

Memory Type

 Supports up to 512 MB unbuffered DIMMs of 1 GB

 registered DIMMs (32 MB min) of 72-bit ECC or

 64-bit Non ECC.

 168-pin gold plated DIMM sockets.


 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB and 256 MB (registered).

Memory Voltage

 3.3V Only.

Error Detection

 Corrects single-bit errors, detects double-bit errors

 (using ECC memory).

Integrated Network Adapter


 One intel 82558 EtherExpress PRO+ 10/100 Mbps

 100 baseTx, RJ45 Output.

Integrated SCSI


 Symbios Logic 63C878 Dual Channel Ultra

 (one wide, one narrow)

 Max data transfer 40 MB/sec.

Integrated Graphics


Cirrus Logic GD 5-180

Maximum Resolution

 1.280 x 1.024 : 16 colors

Graphics Memory

 2 MB 10 na 3DRAM

Integrated PCI/ISA IDE Xcelerator


 Two independent channels for a total of four IDE devices

 PIO Mode 0, PIO Mode 3, PIO Mode 4, ATA-33

 and CD-ROM support.

Integrated Super I/O

Controller National Super 57309

Serial Ports Two Asynch, RS-232C, 9 pin and 10 pin

Parallel Port IEET 1284, 25 pin bidirectional

Floppy Controller 1.44 MB, 2.88 MII, 3-mode support

Keyboard/Mouse Port PS/2, 8240A compatible

System BIOS


 8 Mb Flash EEPXIOM with Intel Phoenix BIOS. Multiboot BBS

 (BIOS Boot Specification) 1.0 Compliant

Special Features

 Plug & play. IDE drive autoconfigure, DM1 2.0, ECC/Parity support,

 multilingual support and jumperless processor speed setup.

Configuration Utilities

 System Set-up Utility (SSU) enables easy system setup of BIOS

 and utilities, plug & play.

Jumpers & Front Panel Connectors

ATX Connectors

 Speaker, reset, power LED's, HD LED, power on/off


 Chassis Intrusion: Wake On LAN (WOL) Enable;

 flash configuration jumpers includes fault-resilient booting timer,

 boot-block protection, boot recovery, CMOS clear, password

 protect, BMC Forced Update.

Expansion Blots (all full length)


 Three dedicated PCI bus master, One dedicated ISA,

 One shared PCI/ISA.


Motherboard Style

 Server-AT fits in most ATX 2.0 compliant tower chassis

Motherboard Size 12" x 13"

Motherboard Power Requirements

+5V 19.33A maximum continuous current

+5V Standby 0.8A maximum continuous current

+12V 5.61 maximum continuous current

+3.3V 11.05A maximum continuous current

-5V 0

-12V .15A maximum continuous currnet

Server Management Instrumentation

Failure detection

 Voltage variation, thermal, operating system, watched fan failure,

 hard-disk-drive failure, power-supply failure, processor status,

 ECC memory, heat-sink fan checker.


 Remote reset, power up/down control, read system

 Management Port

 event log, external modem required.

Event Logging

 Nonvolatile to prevent loss in event of power disruption


 Chassis intrusion (configured through jumper), video blanking,

 password protection.


 Ambient Temperature

 Operating +0║C to +55║C

 Nonoperating/storage -40║C to +70║ ambient

Relative Humidity

 Nonoperating 95% @ 30║C noncondensing

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