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       8230 RAID Storage Arrays


  • Host Independant
    Fully compatible with NT, UNIX, SUN, IBM, Compaq, HP, SGI, DG, Mac
  • Wide Ultra SCSI host and drive Channels
  • Increased I/O Performance
  • Increased Fault Tolerence
  • Full External Hardware Solution
  • On-Board Processing and Cache
  • 19" Rackmount or Tower
  • RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3 & 5

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The Scorpion 8230 RAID series provides almost unlimited configuration  options. Supporting up to 35 disk drives and 32 logical devices (LUNs). RAID sets may be  configured in any orientation and  freely moved within the RAID's SCSI disk channels.  Wether it is for a database server, image libary, video editing, RIP or any other  application requiring large fast, fault tolerant data storage, the Scopion  series  delivers.



The Scorpion 8230 RAID Storage  Array series of platform independant RAID subsystems provide a high level of performance  while offerig no compromise when addressing hardware  fault tolerance. Created for high-end  workstations, Departmental and/or Enterprise NT or UNIX servers, the Storage Array appears  to the host machine(s) as one addressable volume (hard drive). This can then be  divided  into multiple volumes as required. RAID configuration can be accessed by a front LCD  display or RS-232 interface and doesn't require any special software, drivers, or  modifications. The units are fully  hardware driven with onboard CPU and cache, taking the  requirement to manage information away from the host machine(s) and dedicating it to the  RAID system. This reduces the host machines processing overhead  dramatically and increases  data throughput.

The Scorpion 8230 RAID Storage Array series support(s) from 3 to 6 Wide SCSI channels.  From 1 Gbyte to 2 Tbytes of disk storage can be supported by up to 3 host  machines.  Multiple host access offer(s) the benefit of a fail over configuration for multiple    machines. RAID chassis come with dual or triple redudant power supplies and are available  in deskside tower and  19" rackmount configurations.

To optimize your performance and data availability, the Array gives you  the option of selecting the RAID level that best suits your apllication's unique  requirements.
Each RAID system can be formatting as :

 RAID 0     : data  striping across disks

                     (Best transfer rates of all RAID levels)

RAID 1     : data mirroring of disks

                     (Complete copy of data always available should any drive fail)

RAID 0+1 : data striping and mirroring

                       (Increased speed of RAID 0 and security of                             RAID 1)

RAID 3     : data striping with dedicated parity

                      (Fault-tolerant, fast data transfers. Uses only one drive for storing data parity. Good  for  large multimedia files)

RAID 5     : data striping with distributed parity *

                      (Falut-tolerant. Good for transaction processing because each drive can be read and write   independently)
                      * Most common level

Multiple RAID levels can be used on the same Storage Array.


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  • Six operating modes:
    Non-RAID   Disk Spanning
    RAID-0        Striping
    RAID-1        Mirroring
    RAID-0+1    Mirroring and Striping
    RAID-3        Disk Striping by byte w/ Dedicated Parity
    RAID-5        Multiple Disk Stripping  by byte w/                        Distributed Parity
  • Comprehensive failure management including:
    Automatic bad sector reassignment
    Hot swapping, Spare drive operation
  • Background rebuilding
  • Host Operating system independant, no drivers.
  • uses 486 CPU with all executable firmware downloaded into high-speed DRAM.
  • Firmware resides in easy-to-update Flash Memory.
  • Up to 64 MBytes of intelligent Read-Ahead/ Write-Back cache with back-up battery option.
  • EDO DRAM support for faster memory access.
  • Up to five drive channels (3-channel upgrade, optional) for a total of 35 connected  drives.
  • Up to 8 independant RAID mode logical drives.
  • Up to 8 partitions per logical drive.
  • Dynamic mapping of LUNs to logical drives. Two or more LUNs can be mapped to the same  logical drive for redundant host operation.
  • All channels are Ultra Wide SCSI (compatible to SCSI-1) and can be configured as either  host or drive.
  • Two or more SCSI channels can be simultaneously set as host interface for redundant host  system operation.
  • Compatible and will automatically match any SCSI hard disk with SCSI-1, SCSI-2 and Ultra  Wide SCSI.
  • Full SCSI-2 implementation encluding Tagged Command Queuing and Multi-Threaded I/O.
  • Front panel LCD and push buttons for configuration and message display.
  • RS-232 interface for monitoring and configuration.



RAID Level

0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5

Failure management

Bad sector reassignment, hot - swapping, spare drive,  background rebuilding.


LCD, RS-232 and buzzer

Host Compatibility

OS independant

Cache Size

32 to 64 MBytes

Host Interface

Ultra Wide SCSI

Host channels

1 - 3 channels (add DTC8230 - 3US)

Hard disk interface

Ultra Wide SCSI

Hard disk channel

1 - 5 channels (add DTC8230 - 3US)

Cannel terminators

Active Software programmable

SCSI protocol

SCSI-1/2, Fast Ultra Wide SCSI

SCSI transfer rate

40 MBytes/sec synchronous
20 MBytes/sec synchronous
10 MBytes/sec  asynchronous

Max. SCSI drives


No. of logical drives

8 with different RAId levels


8 per logical drive, total of 64

No. of LUNs

8 per channel, total of 64 (dynamic mapping to logical dries  or partitions)


Front panel or via RS-232

SCSI connectors

68-pin header

SCSI cabling



Optional Expansions

8230-3US    : 3 Ultra Wide SCSI channels, s/e.
8230-2UD   : 2 Ultra Wide SCSI channels, diff.
8220-BK     : Back-up Battery
8230-BD     : Back-Up Battery Daughter Board
(To be coupled with 8220-BK)


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