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NOKIA   IP440  Integrated Router/Firewall



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The Nokia IP440 delivers superior routing and firewall performance.

Key Attributes

  • - High-performance IP routing and firewall capabilities.
  • - Complete CHECK POINT FireWall-1 functionality, including  support for VPNs.
  • - Advanced bandwidth management capabilities.
  • - Easy-to-use Web-based management tools.
  • - Hardened platform designed for secure networking.
  • - Rack-mountable, drawer-serviceable chassis design.



The IP440 from Nokia is the  industry's best-performing and most flexible itegrated router and firewall product.  Ideally suited to provide secure Internet connectivity, the  IP440 combines  high-performance IP routing and bandwidth management with a complete implementation of the  CHECK POINT FireWall-1 enterprise security suite. What was previously  accomplished with a costly set of standalone devices can now be achieved with a single  device, and at a price point that dramatically reduces the cost of Internet connectivity.


Superior Performance

Performance is  increasingly important as firewalls are calle dupon to provide a broad scope of  functionality, including data encryption, address translation and  connection logging, Not  all firewall architectures provide the same level of performance, however.

The architecture of the IP440 delivers superior performance by leveraging the industry  standard Intel platform in  combination with optimized packet forwarding and Stateful  Inspection, a firewall technology invented by CHECK POINT SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES.  Independent performance testing by Keylabs Inc. has shown that the Nokia IP440  running FireWall-1 satisfies the requirements of even the most demanding networks. The IP440 supports hish  data rates including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, ATM, FDDI, T1/E1 and T3/E3 lines.

 Flexible Routing Platform

At the heart of every Nokia IP440 is a 333 MHz, Intel Pentium II based system equipped  with four PCI slots enabling network connectivity.

The IP440 also supports a comprehensive suite of routing protocols  including RIP v1/v2, IGRP, OSPF and BGP4 for unicast traffic and DVMRP for multicast  traffic. Additionally, Nokia's advanced routing  software supports the Virtual Router  Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), enabling hot-standby IP400 configurations with support for  load-sharing.

IP440 Network
Interface Support

Per Card

Max. Parts
Per System

10/100 Ethernet

1 or 4








Synchronous Serial



The Nokia IP440 also boasts a suite of bandwidth management controls for  shaping Internet traffic to particular data rates. With this feature, the IP440 can  allocate Internet bandwidth per IP subnet, host or  application. This feature allows  network managers to gain greater control over bandwidth comsumption across costly Internet  links.

The IP440 is manages using Network Voyager - Nokia's HTTP-based management   application. With Network Voyager, the network manager can fully manage, monitor, and  configure the IP440 from any authorized location within the network using a standard Web  browser.

Finally, the IP440 is housed in a  rack-mountable, drawer-serviceabe chassis designed by  Nokia to meet the demands of today's data centers.

Complete CHECK POINT FireWall-1 Support

The IP440 Combines this high-performance routing platform with  a complete  implementation of CHECK POINT'S FireWall-1 application suite - the market leading  firewall application. While other networking vendors have partial security  implementations, the Nokia IP440 is the only networking platform to support the complete FireWall-1 version 3.0 feature set. This feature set includes CHECK POINT'S award-winning FireWall-1 inspection module, integrated network address translation, authentication, encryption  (enabling VPN support), and server load-balancing.

The out-of-the-box integration of the FireWall-1 feature set with Nokia's  routing software enables the IP440 to take on the role of both router and firewall. In the  past, an Internet connection required two seperate components: a firewall (typically a  gernal-purpose workstation) and a router. For many, this resulted in a considerable  investment in hardware and the added overhead of having to manage two sperate devices.

Nokia solves this problem by delivering an all-in-one device marrying best-of-breed VPN  and firewall services. Futhermore, with built-in support for VRRP, the IP440 is also the  first fully integrated router and  firewall with support for hot-standby, load-sharing  redundancy.


Internet connectivity is no longer a luxury - it is a necessity in corporate  environments. However, connectivity  alone will not surfice, as security is also critical  when connecting to the Internet. As a result, more and more customers are looking to  integrated router/firewall solutions rather than individual devices in order to  better  manage Internet connectivity. Nokia's IP440 meets this critical demand by offering robust  routing, integrated industry-leading FireWall-1, advanced bandwidth management,  and support for hot-standby,  load-sharing redundancy - all at a price point that puts it  in a class by itself.


Features & Specifications

Static & Dynamic Routing Capabilities

Web-based Network Management


   Easy-to-use, Web-based management and monitoring from any  standard       Web browser

WAN Support

Complete Support for CHECK POINT FireWall-1

   PPP, HDLC and Frame Relay

   Access control, authentication, network address translation,
   content security, encryption and connection control

Interface Support

Dimensions (19" rack mountable)

   10/100 Ethernet, FDDI, ATM OC-3, Synchronous Serial  (V.35/X.21) up      to 2.048bps

   Height   7 " / 18 cm
   Depth 19 " /  46 cm
   Width 17 " /  43 cm

Advanced Traffic Management


   Flexible controls for dynamically allocating bandwidth per IP  subnet, host     or IP application

   Volts   100-200/200-240 VAC
   Amps    3.0/2.0A
   Cycles  50-60Hz


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