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The SPARCplug is a high-performance small-footprint workstation/server that solves the price/performance  problem. Featuring high-end performance with a single or dual hyperSPARC processors, up to 256 MB of RAM and an SBus slot for options like a T1 or T3 line, ISDN or 100BaseT Ethernet, SPARCplug delivers  SPARCstation 20 class performance at less than half the price! The SPARCplug Solo allows users to simultaneously  run PC and SPARC applications, and even cut and paste between UNIX and Windows applications. The SPARCplug  Station and Server solutions complete the family. Possibilities for SPARCplug are limitless!


Ideal for seamless integration of SPARC/Solaris and Pentium/Windows applications.


Migrating to Windows? Test applications side-by-side. You may re-consider!

 Look for $avings on  surplus and/or re-furbished Sun Storage Products, Servers, and Workstations!

A Briefcase version is now available!

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