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Scorpion Fibre Channel Array

  • High performance Fibre Channel Arbitrated. Loop (FC-AL).
  • Multiple RAID level/LUN support.
  • Up to 256MB read/write cache
  • 7 or 8 hot swap FC-AL Drive bays
  • 3 hot swap fans
  • 3 hot swap n+1 power supplies
  • RAID Levels 0,1,10,4,5-user definable parity.
  • Host Independant
  • 100% Fibre Channel product

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R.A.I.D. Storage Arrays

  • Fully compatible with NT, UNIX, SUN, IBM, Compaq, HP, SGI, DG, Mac.
  • Increased fault tolerance.
  • Full External Hardware Solution.
  • On-Board Processing and Cache.
  • 19" Rack or Tower Form Factor.

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 Flex-RAID for Sun

6 Bay RAID Tower W/ LVD or Fibre Channel Controller

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Application Specific RAID Storage Solutions Fused With UltraSPARC Computers

When one-size-fits-all RAID solutions provide the best result and return on investment, it's a chance event. Get the right RAID solution and you'll see the difference.

Fibre Channel Disk Array Storage Solutions for Sun Systems


  • Fully integrated hardware/software solution
  • Unprecedented Fibre Channel interface performance for Sun UltraSPARC platform
  • Supports Sun's industry supported I/O bus
  • Comprehensive easy-to-use software utilities
  • Flexible capacities, hot swap drives, power supplies, and fans with no performance loss
  • The first full speed Fibre Channel RAID storage solution for the Sun platform
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