Overstock Specials!

Up to 4X400MHz 4MB e-cache UltraSPARC-II CPUs

Blazing I/O performance, ideal for file, web, database and other digital media server applications.

Scalable computing performance with exceptional reliability even for the most intensive and heaviest applications.

Ideal investment for small to medium size Enterprise. It's a server you can count on when times and workloads change.


Flexible and Versatile Mid-Range Server

This workgroup server is the solution if you have a network environment requiring powerful and scalable servers to accommodate your changing business needs. Reliability, so that data and applications are always available. Interoperability in the most complex multivendor environment. Ease of deployment and management.

You can get it all from the Ultra Enterprise 4600. Whether it's running one critical application for hundreds of clients, or many applications at once for a workgroup or office, the Ultra Enterprise 4600 gives you a powerful, scalable, manageable and reliable server.

 The Ultra Enterprise 4600 is ideal for demanding information management, processing, and delivery requirements found in medium size businesses, offices, workgroups and distributed applications within large-scale or global enterprises.

Used as a stand alone, in a RAID configuration or in co-existence with other machines in a super

If the features look familiar, it's because it is the same as the U450+fusion in a different chassis. The chassis is designed to accommodate  most requirements for internal expansion. It's BIG!  And better yet, inside, it's still Sun!

 Look for $avings on  surplus and/or re-furbished Sun Storage Products, Servers, and Workstations!


 Architecture 1-4 UltraSPARCI or UltraSPARCII CPUs

 Cache 1 MB, 4 MB E-cache

Main Memory

16 DIMM slots, 60ns 168-pin DIMM

 Up to 4GByte ECC RAM

 Note: Install DIMMs in groups of eight.

Standard Interfaces

 Expansion Bus Six 64-bit PCI slots (Two 66-MHz & Four 33MHz)

Parallel One D-Sub 25-pin connector, IEEE 1294 (bi-directional)

Serial Two Port Splitter cable option,

 Running at 384/460.8KBaud synchronous/asynchronous

Keyboard & Mouse Sun Type 5 compatible/PS2 keyboard & mouse

I/O Dual Channel Ultra-wide SCSI

Network Ethernet/Fast Ethernet,

 twisted pair standard (10-BaseT and 100-BaseT), self-sensing

Graphics Slot One UPA graphics slot, supports

 Creator2D, Creator 3D, and Elite3D m3 high-resolution performance

 graphics options

Audio I/O PCI card (option)


 SunSoft Compilers & System Tools

 Solaris 2.6 or latest version


 19" Rack-mountable/Deskside Tower Chassis

 N+1 power supply redundancy

 with Thermal sensing and over-temperature protection

 Hot-swap Power Supply with easy rear access

 100-120; 220-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 0.3 K VA, 300W


Operating Environment 0oC to 55oC, 20% to 80% Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing


 3 Year RTD Warranty

 Conforms to ISO 9000 Standards

Cluster. The Ultra Enterprise 4600 delivers the performance, reliability, and scalability you can count on at a price you can afford.

 Enterprise Power & Scalability

The Ultra Enterprise 4600 Server is a deskside or rackmountable, ultraSPARC based, multi-processing computer system. Ideal as a workgroup server for database management, electronic commerce, superClustering or as a Web Server. The system's main logic board provides slots for up to four UltraSPARC CPU modules. One, two, three, or four processors will run simultaneously.

The deskside tower can be loaded with up to twenty peripherals and comes standard with redundant, hot-swap power supplies.

The rack mountable enclosure can be loaded with up to three peripherals and comes standard with redundant, hot-swap power supplies. An optional eight slot storage unit expands capacity.

The Ultra Enterprise 4600 supports FDDI, ATM, 100BaseT, Fibre Channel and ultraSCSI and boots from a standard SunSoft Solaris 2.6 CD. It runs all Solaris 2.6 compliant applications.


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