Ultra 450+fusion

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The UltraSPARC 450+fusion utilizes Sun Microelectronics' OEM computer fused with complementary enhancement products for lower cost and greater flexibility.  The machine features the latest Sun microprocessors, with 1 - 4 Sun UltraSPARC II processors  housed on simple plug-in modules designed to combine high clock speeds with an efficient four-way superscalar design that yields industry-leading integer and floating-point performance. With the microprocessors surrounded by balanced technologies, up to 4Gb of memory capacity and the system's fast/wide, 40 Mb/sec UltraSCSI interface, you get maximum computing power and minimum costs.

Main benefits of the Ultra 450+fusion:

  • Small foot print. Approximately 3 times smaller than the SMCC version.
  • Flexibility with approved complementary products.
  • Ready-to-use High Availability Software
  • Application specific, cost effective RAID Storage


Architecture:Superscalar SPARCTM; Version 9, UltraSPARC.
Memory management: MMU with 64 I-TLB entries and 64 D-TLB entries, 8192 hardware supported contexts.
Cache:16-KB data and 16-KB instruction on chip; Secondary: 512-KB/1MB/2MB/4MB external.
CPU modules: One to four CPU modules per system (one CPU per module; 167, 200, 250, 300, 360, and 400MHz).

Main memory:

256MB - using 8 x 32-MB (minimum)
512MB - using 8 x 64-MB
1024MB - using 8 x 128-MB
2048MB - using 8 x 256-MB
4096MB - using 16 x 256-MB (maximum)

Total of 16 SIMM memory slots available

Standard Interfaces:

Network:Ethernet/Fast Ethernet, twisted pair standard (10-BaseT or 100-BaseT) or MII for external transceiver.
I/O: 40MB/sec fast wide UltraSCSI (syncronous).
Serial: Two RS-232C/423 serial ports (DB25).
Parallel: Centronics-compatible parallel port (DB25).
Expansion bus: Six PCI Bus expansion slots (full length); 32-bit or 64-bit data bus width.

Operating Environment and Regulations:

AC power: 100-240VAC (Auto Sense), 47-63hz, 600VA
Safety: Over-Voltage, Over-Current And Over-Temperature Protection
Operating: 0 C to 40 C (32 F to 104 F) 10% to 85% relative humidity, non-condensing.
Agency Approvals: UL, TUV

System Packaging:



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