Ultra 60+fusion

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Ultra 60+fusion

Economical and Scalable Workstation/Server solution that protects your investment.                                  Advanced availability features maximize application uptime.                                         Up to Dual Processor Computing                  Built around the powerful UltraSPARCTM processors running at 167 MHz up to 450MHz. Affordable Small to Medium Size Server


If you're deploying critical business applications or Internet/intranet services, the MaxiSPARC Ultra 60+fusion Server delivers the same exceptional availability and performance features found in other high-end systems. The Ultra 60+fusion's modular hardware components delivers scalable power with high performance level for medium sized workgroups. The MaxiSPARC Ultra 60+fusion is a powerful server, designed with the power and capacity to drive a demanding mix of applications from electronic mail, file/print, database, groupware and Web service up to high availability clustering needs - all for an affordable price.

 The Next Generation of 64-bit Computing

The new MaxiSPARC Ultra 60+fusion is the latest generation of high-performance system released by MaxiTEC. Built around the UltraSPARC-II microprocessor the MaxiSPARC Ultra 60+fusion is a continuum of the latest generation of 64-bit UltraSPARC computing. It is capable of supporting up to two processors and dual graphics UPA-based subsystems. It has a fast PCI bus slot capable of running peripherals and multiple disks from its dual UltraSCSI buses at maximum speed.

 You can deploy all the processing power, memory, I/O, and graphics you need, without performance limitations or bottlenecks. The MaxiSPARC Ultra 60+fusion has one of the highest memory bandwidth available in the industry today, with memory upgradeable up to two gigabytes it gives networked enterprise the ability to meet current and future requirements.

The MaxiSPARC Ultra 60+fusion is the ideal solution for enterprises that needs to operate 24 hours a day, all year round. It arrives network ready, with Solaris and other system management tools optimized for network applications.


 Make the MaxiSPARC Ultra 60+fusion the platform of choice for running your mission-critical business applications.

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 Architecture 167/200/300/360/400/450-Mhz UltraSPARCII+ CPU, Superscalar SPARC V9 Compliant.

 Implements VIS Instruction Set.

 Cache 167Mhz with 512 KB external cache

 200Mhz with 1 MB external cache

 300Mhz with 2 MB external cache

 360Mhz with 4 MB external cache

 400Mhz with 4 MB external cache

 450Mhz with 4MB external cache

 Main Memory

Memory Type 16 SIMM slots, 60ns 200-pin ECC Memory Module, 5 volts.

Maximum 2GB Maximum.

 Note: Install SIMMs in quartet.

Standard Interfaces

 Expansion Bus Two 32-bit PCI slots, full-size, 33Mhz, 5 volts

 Two 64-bit PCI slots, full-size, 66Mhz, 5 volts

 Graphics Slot One UPA graphics slot, supports

 Creator, Creator 3D, and Elite3D M3/M6 high-resolution

 performance graphics options.

SCSI I/O Ultra-Wide -SCSI, 40MB/sec (One Internal, One External)

 Network Ethernet/Fast Ethernet, twisted pair standard (10-BaseT and 100-BaseT),


 Serial Two D-Sub 25-pin connector, Synchronous

 Parallel One D-Sub 25-pin connector, IEEE 1294 (bi-directional)

 Keyboard & Mouse Sun Type 5 compatible, PS2 keyboard & mouse

 Audio I/O PCI card (option)

Drive Bay

 Cavity 12*5.25" (Half Height)

Internal 8*3.5" (Low Profile)

Graphics and Imaging

 ATI Graphics with 2MB RAM PCI card (standard)

 PGX card (option)

 Creator (option)

 Creator 3D (option)

 Elite-3D m3 (option)

 Elite-3D m6 (option)


Operating System Solaris 2.6, Solaris 7


AC Power 100-120; 220-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 0.3 K VA,

 Hot Swappable Redundant Power Supply 300W


 Desktop Enclosure

 Height 20.4"

 Width 7.96"

Depth 22.8"

6U Rack-Mount

Height 10.6"

Width 19.2"

Depth xxx"

 Ultra 60+fusion

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