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WebSENSE is designed to promote professional use of the Internet by effectively monitoring and/or restricting access to sites deemed undesirable in a business environment. It allows a company to:
Define and Enforce Internet Access Privileges

The Internet literally brings a world of information to the fingertips of business around the globe.   And providing access to your employees has become as essential as the basic telephone.  But it also brings new challenges for management.  Policies concerning Internet access must be created and enforced.

WebSENSE gives you the power to fine-tune your Internet access policy by allowing you to monitor and/or restrict access to Internet sites that do not conform with your company usage policy.  With WebSENSE in place, you'll easily minimize unprofessional Internet use.

Protect Against Legal Liability

The Internet has become a new source of potential legal liability for companies who give access to their employees.   The risk to the employer is that employees may broadcast or electronically distribute inappropriate material as work.  As a result, offended employees may claim sexual harassment or a hostile work environment.

Even if an employee is casually visiting a non-business site and another person passing by finds it offensive, a company could be legally liable for allowing such materials to be displayed in the workplace.

Save Money by Ensuring Productivity

When abused, the Internet can become a virtual wasteland of lost productivity and personal entertainment for employees.  This "inactivity" encompasses all types of employees, at all levels.  When you add up all the unproductive time spent on the Web, this can be a significant loss to the overall effectiveness of your employees, which in turn directly affects your bottom line.

WebSENSE actually saves your company money by giving you the tools to monitor employees activity so that you'll know your Internet resources are being used only for business purposes.

Control Network Bandwidth

With WebSENSE in place, you can double network throughput.  By actively screening, your employees will be spending their time on the Web only in areas that are essential to their job function.

This helps to increase network efficiency, and allows you to save money on the unnecessary acquisition of additional bandwidth and server storage space.

WebSENSE uses a growing database of Web sites - the largest and most comprehensive database of it's kind.  The database entries fall into one of 30 categories that can be selectively turned on or off.  The database is continually updated and automatically downloaded to the subscribers system each day.
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